Book Review: Magnificent SEX written by Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Ph.D. and A. Dana Menard, Ph.D.

By Amelia Saller

I rate this one 4 out of 5 Sunflowers

“Worth investing your time and money into!”

Admit it, you’ve been on the hunt looking for that magic book full of tips and tricks that promise a MAGNIFICENT sex life. Am I right? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m here to let you know there isn’t one…. I mean, don’t lose hope, this book explains just that. This is not a how to book if that is what you are looking to find. It is a researched based book in which couples were interviewed with various ages and backgrounds. This includes couples who are straight, LGBTQ, kinky, monogamous, non-monogamous, and range between having chronic conditions or healthy lifestyles.  

As for me, I pushed sex to the bottom of my list of priorities when I started wearing more hats in life. I lost sight of it, thought maybe things were too late to change or that I didn’t know how to initiate the change I needed. This book can be great reminder that it is possible to make change.  However, the magic of sex isn’t going to fall out of the sky if you’re waiting for it to land in your lap. The author shares that even as natural as sex may be, we still need to put in the effort to fully revel in it. You must be willing to take it one step at a time to see growth in your own desires.

I really appreciate how this book completely redefined what sex meant to me and helped me to adjust my thoughts and conversations surrounding intimacy in general. There were various statements in the book that shared almost a universal perspective of what it means when it comes to optional sex. I also thought it was interesting how many people explained that sex gets better with age. It was always a question in the back of my mind how that was possible considering our aging bodies. The goal isn’t just intercourse, having an orgasm and checking it off the list of things to do. It encompasses the whole path involved, the embodiment, presence, communication, unraveling and raveling of each other in all the ways you can. It’s how you paint the picture with those you are intimate with. There’s not going to be an exact replica to someone else’s painting or even to each sexual encounter you’ve experience, whether it’s with the same person you’ve been with, those in your past, or even in your future. Every painting is exquisite and unique, especially in the colors that come alive in it. It is your painting to keep. It can be messy, full of mistakes or simply perfect. Whatever you do maybe you can consider that instead of erasing the mistakes along the way, include them and make it beautiful. Read this book, pull out your inner Van Gogh, and get to creating. Your blank canvas is waiting for you…



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