Professional Education & Trainings

Professional Education & Trainings

Join Us for a Virtual Open House

June 24th 2020 — 6 to 8pm

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2 Free CEs for NY social workers attending the full event! (please indicate in your registration email if you would like CEs)

Many medical and therapy clients have sexual concerns ranging from sexual dysfunctions to moral conflicts about their behavior or desires to lack of adequate information about sexual health and behavior. Prevalence of sexual dysfunctions is close to 50% of the general population. Our Virtual Open House will introduce you to our office, staff and the services we offer as well as providing educational content on common sexual concerns and methods for treatment..  

The Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness has a mission to provide continuing education for medical and mental health professionals on issues of sexual wellness. Please contact us if you would like training for your organization or staff. We are happy to help!

We have taught stand-alone day long workshops, graduate level classes, short seminars, and lecture format programs. Dr. Kranz teaches physicians and medical residents in a variety of disciplines as well as medical students. Daniel Rosen provides  general training for addressing sexuality in mental health care.

Below are selected professional trainings we have provided:

Medical Community Presentations

  • Grand Rounds
    • Sexual Medicine: something new under the medical sun. (OR Sexual Medicine?? What he *%^&%& is that?) Highland Hospital Primary Care Grand Rounds. December 11, 2018. and Cayuga Medical Center Grand Rounds. March 29, 2019. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM. 
    • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder– Will there ever be a “pink pill”? The real scoop on Bremelanotide, Flibanserin and other treatments. Monroe County Medical Society. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM. February 13, 2020
  • Other Presentations for the Medical Community
    • Postpartum Sexual Wellness (or is sex really how we got here?) NYS Perinatal Association 2020 Annual Conference in Albany, NY. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM. UPCOMING November 2020.
    • Sexual Health in the Perimenopausal Patient. ACOG District 2 Annual Meeting, NYC. Presented by Daniel Rosen LCSW-R, CST and Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM. UPCOMING October 2020
    • Sexual Survivors: Sexual Concerns in People with a Cancer Experience. Wilmot Pain Education Series. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM. UPCOMING September 2020
    • Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause in Gynecologic Oncology and Low Sexual Desire in Gynecologic Oncology. University of Rochester Gynecologic Oncology Department faculty and staff training. Summer 2019.
    • Sexual Wellness in Women’s Health. St John Fisher Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM. October 2019.
    • Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness. University of Rochester Department of Urogynecology faculty meeting. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM.  November 2018
  • Medical Residents— Dr. Kranz has provided well received educational sessions on a variety of topics to family medicine, gynecology, and psychiatry residents.  From 2011 to 2014 Dr. Kranz served on the faculty of the University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency faculty and has taught on a wide variety of psychosocial and women’s health topics in this context.
  • Medical Students — Since 2017, Dr. Kranz has co-led the University of Rochester’s Medical School Primary Care Clerkship course on Human Sexual Function. Both in a large lecture and small group format. 

Trainings for Mental Health Providers

  • National Conferences
    • Desire from a Dozen Angles: Understanding and treating desire concerns in individuals and couples in a multidisciplinary setting. Integrative Sex Therapy Institute in Washington, DC. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM and Daniel Rosen LCSW-R, CST. UPCOMING July 2020
    • An Integrative Approach in Couples and Sex Therapy for Desire Discrepancy and Low Desire in Adults over 50 at AASECT’s 52nd Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA. Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM and Daniel Rosen, LCSWR, CST with Tammy Nelson PhD, CST and Wendy Miller PhD, CST.  June, 2020 POSTPONED
    • Integrating Sexual Medicine with Sex Therapy. AASECT’s 51st Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA. Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM and Daniel Rosen, LCSWR, CST. June 2019
    • Motivational Interviewing in Sex Therapy with David Prescott Webinar hosted by Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST January 31, 2019 
    • Predicting Sexual Offender Recidivism Risk with Clients Convicted of on line viewing of Child Pornography. United States Probation. Presented by William Kelly LCSW-R, DST. September 2017
  • Regional Presentations
    • At the Crossroads: Integrating Sexual Medicine and Sex Therapy. Medical Family Therapy Intensive. Presented by Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM and Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST. UPCOMING June 2020
    • Sexual Dysfunction and Substance Abuse: A Bidirectional Relationship. Training by Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST at NCADD-RA  September 6, 2019  
    • What is Sex Therapy: A Training for Mental Health Professionals presented by Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST May 18, 2018 
    • Sex, Love, Pleasure, and Pain: Introduction to Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Disorders. University of Buffalo Social Work Masters Program. Semester long graduate level course led by Daniel Rosen LCSW-R, CST. 2016-2017
    • Developing Skills in Sexual Counseling and Using PPG to Assess Sexualized Violence and Sexual Sadism NYS ATSA Chapter. Presented by William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST. June 2017
    • Sexual Attitudes Reassessment April 21 and 22, 2017   One and a half day workshop designed for mental health and medical professionals to challenge biases and beliefs regarding the vast range of human sexuality. Presented by William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST, Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST, Barbara Jastran RN LCSW-R, CST, Jenna Weintraub, Pebble Kranz, MD
    • Overview of Sexual Offender Evaluation and Treatment NYS Department of Corrections and Community Services. Presented by William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST. February  2017
    • Developing Skills in Sexual Counseling. Ithaca Family Services. Presented by William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST. November 2016
    • Overview of Use of PPG and VRT in Assessing Sexual Offenders in a Forensic Population. New York State Office of Mental Health  Bronx Psychiatric Center. Presented by William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST. April 2016
    • “How do you do that?” Managing sexual conversations in counseling situations Daylong workshop through the University of Buffalo Continuing Education. Presented by Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST.  November 2015.
    • Use of PPG and VRT in Treatment Planning with Adult Sexual Offenders. NYS ATSA Chapter. Presented by William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST. May 2015

Mr. Kelly has also taught on sexual issues for the University of Rochester Department of Pediatrics, Adolescent Division on LGBTQ Youth