Gender Care

Gender Care

Everyone’s journey is unique

Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness is here to support you in your journey. We offer medical and mental health gender-affirming care for gender diverse and trans adults, their partners, and their families.

Services we offer:   

  • Counseling and support for gender exploration
  • Mental health care that is sensitive to the needs of gender-diverse people
  • Support groups with skilled facilitation (coming soon, on hold due to public health emergency)
  • Letters for gender affirming surgeries and hormone therapy
  • Name and gender marker change assistance
  • Medication management for gender affirmation for adults on an informed consent model
  • STI testing and PreP
  • Linkage to surgeons for gender affirming surgeries, fertility centers and other support

Please note, we do not provide primary care services at our center but we are happy to connect you with sensitive primary care providers in the community. 

Check out the Trans and Non-Binary Resource Guide