Group Therapy & Psychoeducational Groups

Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness currently offers group therapy as well as psychoeducational groups.

Groups can be tremendously powerful ways to grow, offering both information and support, as well as opportunities to be challenged by new ideas.

Groups that are currently registering new clients:

Sexual Wellness Before and After Gynecological and Breast Cancer, hosted by Cancer Wellness Connections. 5 sessions, rolling admission.

Past participants have said:

“I appreciated going over anatomy, how cancer treatment affects the body, and different treatments. I can’t think of anything we covered that wasn’t helpful in some way!”

“I found the insight into strategies to alleviate pain during sex was most helpful but all discussions were relevant.”

“For me, learning that there is help with hoping to be able to have sex again.”

“I think participation in this group should be required for any patient/person diagnosed/or survivor of gynecological cancer.”

“Yes. The group was candid, wise, and supportive. Everything we discussed was very helpful. Connecting with women who have similar experiences helps us to know that we are not the only one facing these problems.”

“The presentations were so informative, and the group was supportive and kind.  I would highly recommend this type of discussion group for anyone who is experiencing cancer or anyone who has questions about sex. Your sessions have made me feel that normalcy and joy are possible again.”


The DBT Skills Group will meet Wednesday evenings. Sessions are $40 per session, meeting weekly.

The Queer and Trans Process Group will meet Monday evenings. Sessions are $40 per session, meeting weekly.

Embody will meet Thursday evenings, rolling admission.


Men’s sexual health group meets on Wednesday mornings via Zoom

Neurodiverse Dating Skills Group group meets on Fridays at 2 in-person at RCSW

Menopause 2.0 Starting February 21, 2024, Registration Link HERE













Call 585-865-3584 or email for more information about our groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Interpersonal Process Group?

Group therapy for personal development enhances the quality of our relationships and our personal resilience. Whether a complement to your ongoing therapy or as a stand alone treatment, interpersonal process groups bring a vibrancy and deep emotionality to your personal growth. Mr. Rosen has several groups running and he is always looking to expand his group practice. Sessions are weekly and group is ongoing.