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Meet the Team

The Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness provides biopsychosocial assessment and treatment planning for common and complex sexual issues in people of all genders and ages. The Center is comprised of a sexual medicine specialist as well as three certified sex therapists. In addition to medical and psychosocial evaluation of sexual issues, we offer individual, couple, and group therapy for a variety of sexual issues. We share a mission to provide education on sexual issues to the medical and mental health communities as well as to the public.

Our Team

Fellow of the European Committee on Sexual Medicine

Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM

I am a passionate advocate for your goals -- regarding sexual satisfaction, gender, and intimacy.
LCSW-R, Certified Sex Therapist

Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST

Whether it is individually, as a couple or in a group, I am committed to ensuring you get the best care available.
 LMFT, Certified Sex Therapist

Megan Barrett, LMFT, CST

Pleasure is the measure of sexual wellbeing. - Emily Nagoski, PhD I am passionate about helping individuals and couples re-connect with pleasure. Working together, we can navigate the unique path to enhance your sexual experience.
LCSW-R, Diplomate in Sex Therapy

William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST

Sexuality is the heart of our souls. When we are disconnected from our sexuality we are disconnected from ourselves and others.
LPMFT, Sex Therapist

Jessica Janik, LPMFT, Sex Therapist

I am committed to helping you re-discover pleasure, passion, and power in your sexual self through a collaborative and supportive approach.
Certified Menopause Medicine Provider

Lori Davis, DNP, NCMP

Your concerns about changes related to menopause are legitimate. You deserve accurate information and compassionate support.
PhD Student, Sex Therapy Intern

Madilynn Rutherford

Your sexual wellbeing is an essential part of your holistic self-care. Let’s build on this together.
LMSW, Psychotherapist

Tyler Buchiero, LMSW

I value a collaborative approach, which begins and ends with nonjudgement and emotional honesty.
LCSW-R, Psychotherapist

Jessica Morillo, LCSW-R

Our work together will foster hope and confidence that you are worthy of love and all good things that life has to offer.