Professional Consultation

Professional Consultation

We provide clinical consultation for medical and mental health providers. It is our goal to make our region a place where each person has resources to address their sexual concerns.

We have experts in specialized areas of sex therapy. 

  1. Child and adolescent sexual harm: William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST has been working with sexual harming youth for over a decade, and has provided organizational training and evaluation and treatment for youth. 
  2. Residential Facilities: Mr. Kelly has consulted for residential agencies for older and disabled adults when sexual behavior challenges emerge. 
  3. Substance Use, Addictions, and Sexual Function: Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R CST, has studied the relationship between substance use, addiction, and sexual functioning and has led trainings on this and a variety of other educational programs in the community.
  4. General sex therapy case consultation: Mr. Rosen provides individual, group, and couple treatment for sexual health concerns. He is a supervisor in training for those seeking AASECT certification.

Sexual medicine case consultation: Sexual medicine is the branch of medicine concerned with human sexuality and its disorders.  This includes sexual function, sexual and/or partnership experience and behavior, gender identity, and sexual trauma and its consequences. Sexual medicine addresses both the individual and couple and it has its foundations in looking at people and experiences from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective. Sexual medicine specialists have a deeper than average knowledge of the effects that many medical conditions and/or their treatment have on sexual function. Dr. Kranz is available for case consultation for sex therapists, general psychotherapists, and medical providers. 

We are available for professional phone consultations with medical and mental health providers. Call 585-865-3584 or email to schedule a consultation. 

Special service for sex therapists and sex therapy group practices

Did you ever wish you could ask a physician a question about one of your clients’ sexual health problems? Now you can. Affordable clinical consultation is available with Dr. Pebble Kranz.  Time slots of 25 or 50 minutes are available so you can sneak in a quick conference call with minimal disruption to your schedule. We want you to have the resources you need and will work with those who have financial need. Everyone likes to have a doctor they can call on for tough questions or when a medical answer is hard to find. Now you have one, too. 

Typical individual case consultations include:

  • What is the impact of my client’s medical issues or medical treatments on sexual function?

For example: The many ways diabetes can influence sexual function– arousal, low testosterone, ejaculation changes. A close medication review may unearth biological reasons for difficulty in resolving some sexual concerns. The impact of cancer treatments on sexual function– from arousal and orgasm concerns to changes in genital sensation and sexual pain. Surgical treatments that may (or may not) have had an impact on sexual function — hysterectomy, pelvic prolapse repair, or colon resections. Other medical disorders such as MS and other neurological problems, bleeding disorders, and skin conditions that have a direct impact on sexual function (often unaddressed by medical providers). 

  • What sexual medicine treatments are available for my clients’ sexual disorders? 

For example: The full range of erectile dysfunction treatments including emerging treatments. Medications for low desire, early ejaculation, delayed or absent orgasm. New diagnostic and treatment algorithms for sexual pain. Medical treatments for Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder 

  • How can I create an effective collaborative relationship with my clients’ medical doctors and other health professionals? 
  • Where do I find reliable research on treatments?

Group consultation is available as well:

Dr. Kranz is also available to sex therapy clinics and group practices for lunch hour or other information sessions. We can provide group education on one topic of your choice and provide time for question and answer on your clients specific concerns. 

What this service is NOT: 

  • Medical care for you or your clients.
  • Supervision that meets AASECT requirements for credentialing

To Schedule please contact Janie Kleinberg, office administrator, at or 585-865-3584

Fees: $175/50min and $90/25min. We want you to have this service and will discount on an as needed basis. Clinic and group practice rates are $225/hour.