What to Expect

What to Expect

Sex Therapy: What to expect

Sex therapy is psychotherapy with a sexual focus. If you have been to counseling or psychotherapy, it will feel familiar. We do a few things differently. Rather than your therapist being a ‘blank slate,’ we actively support your sexual health. After you are scheduled, your therapist may send you some forms and information to bring to the first appointment, sharing as much information as is comfortable. Expect to have one or two sessions to get to know each other and for your therapist to learn about you and your concerns. When couples come to sex therapy, this process usually takes four sessions (see section on Relationship Therapy). 

Then we get into it! 

You may have projects to work on at home, articles or books to read, or simply use the therapy time to engage in the topics important for you to discuss. You will let your therapist know if you are making progress and if things are going well for you in session. We meet as many times as you wish. People who spend a year or more in counseling often find they have made long term significant changes in their lives.

Relationship Therapy: What to expect

Each therapist has a different approach to counseling. The first session, typically an hour or 90 minutes, begins with partners together; there may be individual sessions that occur after this first session. You will be encouraged to discuss your concerns honestly. The therapist will guide participants to an understanding of each other’s feelings and will model respect and acceptance. Relationship therapists don’t take sides. They stay neutral and open to helping both people. While in individual therapy the client is that person, in relationship therapy the “client” is the relationship. The goal is to provide partners with a safe space to discuss difficult concerns and work toward solutions. It is true– relationship therapy can be scary especially if you have sexual concerns. You can share all your anxieties with our highly trained team. 

Sexual Medicine: What to expect

Your first visit will last about an hour to an hour and a half. Dr. Kranz will gather information about your concern, including a detailed medical history, and review of the sexual medicine intake form you will have completed prior to the visit. This visit may also touch on your history with sexual experiences, relationship concerns, and beliefs about sex. 

A physical exam may also be conducted if there is important diagnostic or treatment information to be gained. We will always discuss the reasons for the physical exam and the decision to have an exam is always up to you! You may be provided with a laboratory request form to complete lab work or other testing prior to your follow up visit. 

We will discuss collaboration with your other medical and mental health providers. If appropriate, and only with your consent, Dr. Kranz will obtain information from other providers prior to your next visit. 

Typically there is some information provided during this first visit and sometimes Dr. Kranz may ask you to do some exercises at home between visits, or recommend books or other resources for further information.

At your second visit, for which an hour is reserved, Dr. Kranz will discuss the results of your blood work and any diagnostics she may have completed. She will present you with treatment options that are tailored to your personal needs and answer all your questions. Partners or spouses are always welcome at your visits.​

Please note that the Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness does not provide primary care, or general urology and gynecology services.  When necessary, we work closely with other physicians including urologists and gynecologists to develop treatment plans that will meet your needs.

Gender Care: What to expect

Some people may come in certain that they would like gender affirming medical care. In these cases, you will meet with Dr. Kranz first. After collecting a complete medical and psychosocial history, and collecting medical information from other medical providers if necessary, she will review the risks and benefits or hormone treatments as well as the monitoring necessary to use these medications safely. 

Others come in with questions about exploring gender, needing support for coming out or for their transition, or with mental health concerns. We have several counselors to help you on your journey. 

Others may be simply looking for letters or other documentation for gender-affirming surgeries. In these cases we will match you to one of our counselors. While there is no predetermined timeline for this process and we recognize many desire moving forward quickly. 

We do our best to provide an inclusive and comfortable environment for gender-diverse people. We want you to get the care you need to meet your goals. We always welcome your feedback on how we can provide you the best care. 

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