Supervision with expert sex therapists

Supervision with expert sex therapists

With two sex therapy supervisors on staff and expertise with a variety of gender and sexuality concerns we can help you attain certification as a sex therapist or counselor.  Our supervisors have the added benefit of bringing in our sexual medicine provider for questions about sexual physiology and function.

Your clients are yearning for you to take them deeper into understanding their sexual identity, to unlock their erotic potential, or to just feel they function “normally” – whatever that means to them. Like any other area of psychotherapy training, education and supervision will enhance your existing intuitive capabilities. 

“The truth is before I studied sex therapy I simply did not hear the sexual stories of wanting, desire, shame, and victory within my clients. It was only after I opened up to my own willingness to challenge conventional wisdom that I was able to step through the accumulated layers of repression and denial of unexplored sexuality.” Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST 

Consider unlocking your professional potential to work with the erotic, the repressed, the shame and frank ignorance many of us have about sexuality and sexual health. 

We offer case consultation and professional training to enhance your potential.