“Dear Dr Kranz, It’s a little strange to have intercourse for the first time in 12 years and immediately think “I can’t wait to tell my doctor” but here we are!

I wanted to let you know that I finally did it! I met an incredible guy who I’m head over heels for and we had PIV intercourse for the first time last week. The first time was a little uncomfortable, but the subsequent times have felt not just comfortable, but good!

When I first came to you, I felt like a broken shell of a human who could never be wanted or loved because I couldn’t perform one of the most basic human functions. From the moment of my first phone call with you, I knew you were going to help me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the work that you do. I want to make t-shirts and flyers and posters that say “Ask me about how I fixed my broken vagina” because no person with a vagina should ever have to suffer in silence the way that I did.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You were instrumental in making me feel like I could be cured and in making me feel like I wasn’t crazy and that this wasn’t something that wine and a little relaxation was going to fix. You have truly helped to change my life, to give me back the confidence I need to date, and to put myself back out there.”

“Everything is working so far and better then it ever has. I feel like a new man with a bright new outlook.  Not certain where I am going but I know I am going to enjoy getting there. Thank you, Dr Kranz, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

“Dr. Pebble Kranz is the first doctor in a long time who I felt really listened to what I was saying and actually heard me. She looked at the whole picture rather than just micromanaging one specialty area or another. She understands that a woman’s sexual health is all encompassing and can be approached from many angles. I appreciate the time and care she took with me during our appointments, I never felt rushed and always felt like I had her undivided attention. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends.”

“After menopause, giant fibroids, stage 1a endometrial cancer, successful chemo and finally successful radiation, I thought enjoying sex was physically forever out of the question; despite being in total love with the most caring, considerate and supportive man one could imagine. Lovemaking was downright painful and eventually impossible. Your advice, the therapies and minimal pharmaceuticals have completely renovated me and the joys and pleasures now again  are a delightful part of life. And it was all accomplished in less than six months.  Happy happy!”

“I’m feeling so much better– in part, because the pain is less but a large part of it is due to finally talking about this and having a better understanding of what is going on.  I am more at ease with my symptoms and more comfortable talking about them without shame or embarrassment.I want to thank you for providing me with a comfortable and safe place to start talking.  Talking to you about PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder) has helped me considerably in my relationship with my husband. Just wish I did this years ago.”

“Dr. Kranz was the first doctor to treat my lack of sexual desire seriously, with compassion, and with the willingness to talk in detail about things that had made my other doctors squeamish. I never felt ashamed talking to her, and I left her care with a plan, with knowledge I hadn’t had before, and after following her advice, with my sex drive back. I got part of my life back that I was afraid I’d lost. Thank you again. I owe you so much.”

“Many thanks to Dr. Kranz for all her help.  She is an outstanding doctor who deeply cares for her patients.  She exhibits warmth, compassion and kindness which are exemplary attributes to be found in any doctor.  I found her to be genuinely concerned for my welfare from the very first day she began to work with me.  She was always very patient to listen to me and she became more than just my physician, but a trusted friend I felt I could confide in.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pebble Kranz for anyone who is dealing with issues with sexual wellness.”

“I reached out to Dr. Kranz because I had always had extremely painful pelvic exams.  I had avoided going to a gynecologist for 15+ years due to horrible experiences with doctors who acted like the pain was something I was emotionally manifesting (as opposed to a physical issue that could be treated). I set up my initial consultation with Dr. Kranz and right from the get go, it was obvious that things were going to be different with her.  She was the first doctor who didn’t patronize me and suggest that the pain was all in my head.  She didn’t tell me that I should just try to relax.  She acknowledged my pain and had the expertise to know what I was describing. Next steps and subsequent treatment plans were always discussed on equal-footing – absolutely no discussions with a ‘this is what you have to do’ attitude – and she was always quick to remind me that this was a process where things moved forward at a pace that was comfortable for me.  Whenever there was hesitancy on my part, we talked it through over multiple appointments until I decided that I was comfortable proceeding.  Her advice and her recommendations for specialized treatment providers are second to none. If you’ve had bad experiences with other doctors – or have avoided them all – I can say from experience that Dr. Kranz is different than all the others.  She’s everything a doctor should be – knowledgeable, compassionate and respectful of what you’ve been through.”

“My product consultation with Jenna was fantastic! I have experienced pain with penetration, so I was looking for a beginner-level sex toy that wasn’t too long or wide and that focused on penetration alone. Jenna took the time to understand my needs, desires, fears, questions, and more through our consultation. She was wonderful to chat with and, for our first time meeting, I felt very comfortable with her! Jenna showed me a variety of sex toys that were created for all types of people. She also showed me a range of condoms and lubes. Jenna browsed a sex-toy website with me, which is where I ended up choosing a toy that specifically focused on penetration without clitoral stimulation. After using the toy, I can confidently say that my consultation with Jenna was incredibly helpful as I love the toy and I don’t experience pain while using it. I would definitely utilize Jenna again as a resource to aid in buying a sex toy that fits my needs and desires!!””

What people have said about our community and professional trainings.

“You have me thinking. Sexuality affects us all. Thank you!”

“This was a wonderful course. I was unsure what to expect, but I learned so much, thank you!”

“Wonderful job and a great topic that I think we too frequently shy away from because we have never been taught to fully express ourselves in this way.”

“In an effort to make professional counseling available to cancer survivors and to the Rochester community at large, as UsToo Chapter Leader I invited Dan Rosen and Dr. Kranz to facilitate a 90-minute discussion on the topic of “Sex After Prostate Cancer” at one of the group’s monthly chapter meetings. To my amazement, the room was packed, standing room only. Survivors, and their spouse or significant other, at last had an opportunity to get answers to questions they were afraid to ask and had been keeping to themselves. In fact, for some, it was the first time they spoke openly about their fear, their guilt, their shame or depression. The warm, sincere approach by the Rosen-Kranz team to this very delicate topic was easily sensed by all in attendance. Dan Rosen helped these men realize that they are not alone in their struggle, that sexual fulfillment and partner satisfaction is still achievable in spite of changes in sexual function. Dr. Kranz helped spouses and life partners realize the importance of open, honest discussions with their loved one regarding feelings and most intimate desires. This single meeting was so well received by the group that the Rosen-Kranz team were asked to schedule and conduct a full half-day session where even more men and women affected by prostate cancer could benefit.”   –Patrick Fisher, former Chapter Leader of UsToo Rochester