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We are a team of specialists devoted to the care of sexual and relationship concerns.

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Sex Therapy

For individuals, couples, and groups.
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The Doctor is in
We are a team of specialists devoted to individual, couple and group therapy for a variety of sexual issues.
Sex Therapy
For individuals, couples, and groups.
Professional Consultation & Supervision
Sex Therapy Supervision Sexual Medicine Consultation
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Sexuality is an integral part of medical and mental health treatment– as sexual function touches on all aspects of a person’s wellbeing. Nevertheless, medical and mental health professionals may not have the knowledge, interest, experience, time, or comfort with these issues to address them fully. This is where sexual medicine or sex therapy consultation can be helpful.

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Professional Consultation

We provide clinical consultation for medical and mental health providers. It is our goal to make our region a place where everyone has resources to address sexual concerns.

Supervision with expert sex therapists

With two sex therapy supervisors on staff and expertise with a variety of gender and sexuality concerns we can help you attain certification as a sex therapist or counselor.

Training for professionals and organizations

We have taught stand-alone day long workshops, graduate level classes, short seminars, and lecture format programs.


Are you interested in becoming a certified sex therapist? We offer supervision from some of the most experienced sex therapists in the area as well as the area’s only fellowship trained sexual medicine specialist.

Questions patients ask

Frequent Questions

What is sex therapy?

Sex Therapy is any type of psychotherapy or counseling with a focus on improving clients’ sexual health, satisfaction, pleasure, communication with sexual partners, recovery from trauma, and deeper understanding of identify, orientation, sexual interests and problematic behaviors. 

What is different about seeing a sexual medicine doctor or a sex therapist from another doctor or therapist?

All of our providers have had extensive training in their area of expertise and have received certifications, or are pursuing those certifications, in their fields. Medical training in the US includes very little information about sexual function and even less information about treatments for many sexual concerns, even in gynecology, urology and primary care – the specialities people expect to have sexual concerns addressed! . 

The same is true of training for counselors and therapists. — there is little attention paid to sexual issues UNLESS the therapist has pursued additional training on their own. Sex therapy is not even part of regular training for couples therapists. There is no regulation regarding who can call themselves a sex therapist in the US (except for Florida) so even if someone calls themselves a sex therapist, they may not have had extensive training in this field.

Should I bring my partner?

Sure! If you would like to start out with a discussion on your own, and bring a partner in later, that’s also fine! Often sexual issues occur in the context of a relationship and even if a partner isn’t a part of a first session, we will likely want to bring partners in eventually. (Also, it’s important to note that you don’t need to have a partner at all to get treatment for sexual concerns!) We also recognize that relationships come in all shapes and sizes. When you make your first appointment, let us know who will be joining the discussion.

Do you take health insurance?

We take pride in the time and care we give to each patient. Insurance plans often  limit the time a practitioner can spend with a patient and sometimes the kind of care (for instance, couples therapy is not covered by many insurers); therefore, most of our providers do not participate in network plans.

What if I’m embarrassed talking about sex?

Many people are embarrassed talking about sex or sexual issues.  Part of our expetise is creating an environment where talking about these issues is easier, or even feel totally natural! We aim to help you feel fully at ease so that we can explore your concern and come up with a treatment plan that works for you.

What is sexual medicine?

Sexual Medicine is “all the sexual aspects of medical problems and the medical aspects of sexual problems” (Charles Moser, PhD, MD, FECSM). There are medical solutions to many sexual function concerns– not only sexual pain and erection concerns (ED) but many other desire, arousal, and orgasm concerns. While often solutions involve a combination of methods (including talk therapy, physical therapy, lifestyle, and behavioral changes), there are a wide variety of medical treatments that can help as well. What makes our center special is that our team works together to use all these methods to help you achieve your goals. Sexual pain is an excellent example of a sexual problem that is best treated with a caring team working together to help an individual or couple.

What types of problems do you see?

You name it, we see it! We couldn’t begin to list them all. There isn’t much you could say here that we haven’t heard before. Any concern or struggle you have regarding gender, sexuality or intimacy is welcome here. Our providers have broad and deep experience in all sexuality and intimacy concerns. And we are the only center in the region with certified sex therapists working alongside a fellowship trained sexual medicine specialist.

Are there really solutions for my concerns?

YES! Solutions can vary greatly, from ‘I had a sexual problem and after treatment I no longer have this dysfunction’ to ‘I thought something was wrong with me, and now I know deep in my bones I am perfectly normal!’ to ‘these changes I have experienced cannot be fixed, and there are so many other ways to live my life and still be sexually fulfilled.

I’m not near Rochester, can you still help me?

Absolutely! All our clinicians use HIPAA secure telehealth services – from phone to video conferencing services. Travel for extended in person treatment is also possible– we can do intensive work over several hours or days if needed.

Do I need professional help for these issues or can I work this out on my own?

Often people come to see us after they have tried self help, supplements or other treatments at home. Many clients have seen multiple mental health and medical providers before getting the specialized care they need from experts like us. 

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Sexual Medicine and Menopause Medicine Specialist

Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM, IF

I am a passionate advocate for your goals -- regarding sexual satisfaction, gender, intimacy and all other aspects of living fully.
Certified Sex Therapist and Sex Therapy Supervisor

Daniel Rosen, LCSW-R, CST, CSTS

Whether it is individually, as a couple or in a group, I am committed to ensuring you get the best care available.
Diplomate in Sex Therapy and Sex Therapy Supervisor

William Kelly, LCSW-R, DST

Sexuality is the heart of our souls. When we are disconnected from our sexuality we are disconnected from ourselves and others.

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Everything is working so far and better then it ever has. I feel like a new man with a bright new outlook. Not certain where I am going but I know I am going to enjoy getting there. Thank you, Dr Kranz, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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